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Why Cryptocurrency Isn’t Scary, with Miles Dotson

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

We recently sat down with Miles Dotson, a serial entrepreneur and product innovator from Houston, TX. Miles is the founder of Devland, a Research and Development Studio that focuses on corporate innovation and new venture creation centered around advanced design and cultural impact. His work - funding and advising early-stage companies - covers a wide range of industry categories, including advanced technology for utilities, data management for FORTUNE 500 energy companies, media holding companies and assets, consumer software, and immersive content development.

Miles recently sat down with us on the Crypto Couch to allay our concerns and fears. To bolster your understanding before or even after you’ve watched the interview, we’re fleshing out fact from fiction because we understand how complicated and intimidating crypto/blockchain can be. This is exactly why Crypto Tutors is humanizing the technology by elevating diverse trailblazers and thought leaders in the cryptocurrency space in an entertaining yet educational Breakfast Club format. Holla if you hear me & say it loud for the people in the back!

Now answer this, how often is it that you hear how everything crypto-related is dark web deals and criminal conduct? I had dinner with a friend a few weeks ago who’s an attorney by trade. When the topic of crypto came up, she immediately dismissed it and wrote it off as nefarious. I tried to explain how cryptocurrency is held and traded by millions of law-abiding people around the world and, in the United States, and is even recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. But she was still reluctant to believe that cryptocurrency may have had a shady past a la Silk Road, the Great Twitter Hack. But our mantra at Crypto Tutors is to “educate, not intimidate.” Since people often fear what they don’t understand, we at Crypto Tutors strive to educate and inform our community. We will continue to introduce the best and brightest minds in the space. We will also supplement your education with posts like this as well as e-learning courses and 1:1 tutoring at the basic or advanced level.

Back to the topic of “why cryptocurrency is not scary.” Well, let’s discuss some of the benefits of cryptocurrency. Digital currencies are enabled by a technology called blockchain, which allows for a decentralized, secure system. Blockchain is a record of transactions across a network of computers. You can add to the ledger, but you can’t go back and edit any earlier transactions without everyone’s approval, making it significantly more fraud-proof than traditional formats.

Crypto has earned a reputation of being a risky venture intended only for the wealthy elite and tech experts far smarter than the average person but it shouldn’t be that way. The more people that can engage in an intelligent conversation about a topic, the more innovation and improvement will come about. Cryptocurrencies remain dangerously unstable, and blockchain is only just beginning to be accepted by the wider business world. But these technologies will only become more central to daily life, and so removing the negative connotations is increasingly important. After all, blockchain has enabled improvements that were simply impossible before. Take, for example, Find.Exchange - a company that has embraced blockchain’s potential to reinvent an outdated market or, in their case, the money transfer system. Among other functions, blockchain allows you to send money cheaper, safer, and faster.

Ultimately, it’s essential to realize that these technologies are created to help us. Crypto is uniquely powerful because it simultaneously exists as a technology, an industry, and a new asset class that is being built to improve our lives. The technology of the future is here. It’s time to embrace it and this chat with Miles hopefully conveys that.

Check out the full conversation by clicking HERE! You can thank Miles in advance on Twitter @MilesGDotson and #CryptoCouch.

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