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About the Founders

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Lisa Francoeur

Lisa is a proud Haitian American, world-renowned motivational speaker, and often called the "Oprah of Tech" as she pursues her vision of "scaling empowerment globally". Lisa interviews thought leaders in tech discussing topics that range from scaling billion-dollar businesses to strategies to increase representation and elevate Black and LatinX professionals to leadership positions. A few noteworthy interviews include Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc., Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack & Leslie Miley, former CTO of, the Obama Foundation.

Lisa has spoken at DoorDash's Women's Leadership Conference 2020, Microsoft Women's Empowerment Conference 2020, the Ghana Tech Summit 2019, and TransformHer - LinkedIn's Women's Empowerment Conference 2017-2020. 

After 12 years of experience, as a business development executive in tech working for companies like LinkedIn, brokering partnerships with Twitter, AirBNB, Amazon, and Microsoft to name a few, and consulting brands like McKinsey, she made the shift to full-time entrepreneurship as the founder of Fancyfied; an empowerment consultancy. 

Lisa is also the Co-Founder of Crypto Tutors an educational platform teaching diverse professionals how to generate wealth via cryptocurrency. 

She believes if you want to predict the future, create it.

Moeti Ncube

Moeti is a lifelong Florida native. He has a Ph.D. in Statistics from Florida State University with a concentration in finance. He has over ten years of experience working as a financial engineer and energy trader at NextEra Energy Resources. Moeti was an early cryptocurrency adopter and owned the first penny auction website in history to accept Bitcoin as payment. He is also an active member of his community serving as a board member for the Planning and Zoning Committee in Riviera Beach and two nonprofits: Inner City Innovators and Motivated Kings.

Nina Blankenship

Nina Blankenship is the CEO and Co-Founder of Crypto Tutors a privately held, profitable, and award-winning crypto education start-up. Crypto Tutors B2B model specializes in upskilling corp. employees. Nina is a media sales guru and was one of the top-ranking global media sales execs at LinkedIn throughout her award-winning 5+ year career there. Nina is also a LinkedIn Learning instructor who authored the popular “Video Strategies for High Engagement.” Leveraging her award-winning marketing strategies, Crypto Tutors’ team of animators, illustrators, videographers, and sound engineers work in concert to create original, high-quality content ranging from eLearning, the Crypto Couch YouTube show to crypto rap. Since redirecting her entrepreneurial prowess to Crypto Tutors, Nina has scaled this lean startup to a 7 figure valuation in less than 18 months without external funding during an economic downturn. 

Nina is a staunch advocate for diversity and her company Crypto Tutors organizes the largest diversity conference. The Crypto For The Culture Conference featured in Forbes unites the most progressive, forward-thinking diverse trailblazers in web3. Leaders at Fidelity, London Stock Exchange, A16z e.g. educate crypto curious, crypto enthusiasts, and crypto job seekers about how companies, as well as individuals, can best navigate the digital landscape. 

Nina holds a BA in Finance from the University of Florida and is an active crypto trader and the CEO of Let’s Brainstorm, a Viral Video Production and Marketing Company. A Florida native, Nina is an animal lover who just adopted her foster dog, Ben, and believes you must ask, believe, and achieve in order to receive. 

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