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What is USDN?

USDN, which means Neutrino Dollar, is a type of crypto-collateralized stable coin that uses the Waves blockchain infrastructure. The USDN is completely decentralized, and it supports algorithm-level staking.

As of August 2020, staking profitability was 8-15% per annum. Also, the Waves cryptocurrency where USDN is issued has a staking reward of 6.5% per annum. The reward generated from the staked collateral in Waves is shared among USDN holders who have invested their coin in staking. Imagine that one does not pull out its profit after it has been shared but rather reinvest everything into the project. This means that they will be earning interest from their initial investment, and also, their interest will be yielding more interest.

For example, if an investor invested $100,000 on USDN and he is receiving 15% at the end of the year, at the end of 10 years the total amount will be $404,555.77. Yes, the figure is correct. That is the power of compound interest.

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