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Crypto Tutors Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Below is a snippet of the article from The Wall Street Journal featuring our very own co-founder, Lisa Francoeur, written by Veronica Dagher, about women investing in cryptocurrency:

When it comes to bitcoin, Lisa Francoeur is in it for the long term.

What’s your approach to cryptocurrency investing? Join the conversation below.

The former software sales executive surprised herself when she became a cryptocurrency investor about a year ago. The 40-year-old Fort Lauderdale, Fla., resident became so passionate that she co-founded Crypto Tutors, an online tutoring business to help people learn to invest in cryptocurrency.

When the coin hit its recent high, she wasn’t surprised. Ms. Francoeur said most of the five figures she has invested in cryptocurrency is in bitcoin.

And while she is holding on to her bitcoin position, she is far more inclined to trade less-known coins she owns such as fantom because she feels she is more likely to make a quick return and has less to lose.

But her enthusiasm for crypto hasn’t caused her to take her eye off the sector’s riskiness. She said it is important not to leave too much of a portfolio in coins that have in the past been subject to large, single-day declines.

“It’s smart to realize your gains when you can,” she said.

—Caitlin McCabe contributed to this article.

To read the entire article featured in The Wall Street Journal on April 3, 2021, visit:


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