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In a few hours, become knowledgeable about cryptocurrency security. Learn about Cold Storage from Arculus (parent company is CompoSecure, the global manufacturing, and design of mental premium metal payment cards). If you have a metal credit card, it’s probably manufactured by CompoSecure. Arculus is here to stay and even if there is another crypto crash, Arculus will still be in business. The godfathers of mobile phone security Haseeb Anwan and Mark Kreizman are the leadership team of Efani that provide military-grade security for mobile phones. Efani holds $5 million in insurance from Lloyd’s of London in case any financial assets are stolen due to a SIM hacking. Mark and Haseeb share stories of mobile phone hacks that have impacted fintech companies and individuals and how to prevent hacks with simple tips. Would you like to learn more from Arculus or Efani? Please request to learn more about security from your leadership and Crypto Tutors will be happy to make the introduction or email (Nina Blankenship, CEO of Crypto Tutors).

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