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Technical Analysis and Trading

Course Description

Martin Pring is the inventor of the technical analysis indicator called “Know Sure Thing.” Learn how to read charts from traditional finance, and in crypto, there are many technical indicators. Justin Blount is Crypto Tutors Technical Analysis Tutor. Justin enjoys using RSI, MACD, Fibonacci Retracement, Bollinger Bands, Support and Resistance, Trend Lines, Volume Vs. overall Market cap. Hear from the Co-Founder Nina Blankenship and Moeti Ncube about trading and a trading strategy called Trading the Pair. Ian Balina has his own company called Token Metrics, which aggregates his own theories. Ian is famous for being hacked during a live stream and, many years later, was able to recoup his money back with the help of the FBI. Recommendations: Want to learn more about Technical Analysis? Sign up for a private 1:1 tutoring session to get a review of your portfolio using technical analysis. Highly recommend watching the security chapter and storing cryptocurrency in a cold storage device. Highly recommend downloading the Crypto Picture Dictionary and reading about Bitcoin Halving. Are you more advanced? Interested in DeFi Trading? Sign up for tutoring with Aaron, our DeFi Crypto Trader to learn more.

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