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Tutoring by Topic

Select the tutoring topic of your choice. Afterward, you will be able to select your availability in order to be matched with a Crypto Tutor. Scroll down to book tutoring sessions through individual tutors. Please save this URL as a favorite or bookmark this page.

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Technical Analysis

Learn how to read cryptocurrency charts.


Buying Bitcoin

Learn the steps to purchase Bitcoin.


Trading Cryptocurrency

Learn how to trade different cryptocurrencies.

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Intro to NFTs

Learn how to create and market your own NFTs.

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Account Setup

Set up your crypto account.


Transferring Bitcoin

Transfer cryptocurrency across platorms.


Staking Cryptocurrency

Learn how to gain passive income.


General Crypto Knowledge

Learn about general crypto knowledge and common terminology.

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Cash Out

Learn how to cash out from any platform or exchange.

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Security and Cold Storage

Learn how to secure your crypto along with cold storage and security best practices.

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Developer and Smart Contracts

Learn about blockchain development and Smart Contracts.

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Advanced Questions

Have a more complex question? Chat with a tutor.


Lending and Borrowing

Learn how to use platforms like Aave and become your own bank.

Tutoring by Tutor



Book for tutoring sessions about NFTs. Through her training from our very own Nina Blankenship, Maddie has been able to use her revenue from selling NFTs to pay for her monthly expenses.



DeFi Trading Expert. Technical Analysis, Margin Futures, Spot, Arbitrage. Liquid Staking, Real World Assets, All Exchanges, Cold Storage, and anything DeFi. News Break! No problem. Let’s chat about the latest news.



Book for tutoring sessions on the basics of cryptocurrency in English and Spanish.





Learn the basics of cryptocurrency from Melburn. Melburn has been in cryptocurrency since 2012 and has a variety of experiences with different platforms.



Business of Blockchain Use Cases, Mining, Nodes, Validators, Staking ETH, NFTs and Loyalty Rewards Programs, Security and Wallets. Mandarin and English.

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Book for tutoring sessions on the basics of cryptocurrency and lending and borrowing.



Learn how to read technical analysis indicators to improve timing with buying and selling cryptocurrency. Justin is also an expert with Air Drops.



Book a time with Sira to learn more about blockchain development and Smart Contracts.

Dr. James
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