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About Tutor

I first dabbled into crypto December of 2020. By January 2022 I was curious on all of the different coins I saw popping up and asked a good friend to teach me more. By March I was moved from to centralized coins to mainly decentralized. In May 2021 I learned how to yield farm and providing liquidity for coins to earn passive income. Then I learned how to bridge tokens from one network to the other so I could maximize profits across all networks. In September I hit a huge rabbit hole diving deep into NFTs and the potential for quick flip investments vs long hold investments. I’m very knowledgeable on the ETH, BSC, FTM and MATIC networks and learning more about AVAX and MTV networks. My knowledge in the DeFi space is one of my top assets as to why I would be a good tutor. On top of having an open mind to everything and always wanting to learn more. I know multiple ways to purchase crypto with bank accounts and/or debit cards to get people investing in the space.

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